Dancing in Yellow Boots


Well, a brand new year has been birthed. How is yours going? Our Christmas called for snow boots! First of all, we were back in church dancing with boot-clad shepherds for our Gospel story. What a delight to gather in full celebration! The next day, the snows descended and I had a chance to trudge about in the winter wonderland and even do some sledding – whee! 

After a wondrous time reuniting with our church community, I’ve been a bit forlorn that our plans for dancing in church (and also across Spain!) have been curtailed in omicron caution. Simultaneously, our yard filled up with melting snow and much rain … So what is next? Always seeking the path of creative expression, can we find our ways to dance … even in yellow boots? (Scroll down to the bottom for a little taste of dancing with the unexpected!) 

As we roll and adjust with all that life brings, I also share a few opportunities with you for dancing in the next few months. Let’s kick up our heels … and let the dancing Spirit guide us!

As many of you know, I live on Martha Lake just north of Seattle. There are occasions when our lake is inundated and begins taking over our yard, which is always a bit concerning! Just as we were facing this reality, I was asked by my friend, Celeste Snowber if I could record a minute of dancing for The Compassion Project. (Click here if you’d like to participate!) So, the Spirit showed up with a beautiful sunny day for playing with the unexpected gifts of life. May you enjoy a bit of dancing in yellow sunshine to brighten your day. 



Betsey Beckman, MM

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