Dancing with the Black Madonna

As I open to Mary’s archetypal presence in the form of the Black Madonna, I have discovered she has so many invitations for me to step out of my comfy corner of a white world and to collaborate with various black artists and friends. Not just step out, but dance out whole-heartedly indeed! So the first piece I’d like to share is a stirring new video we have come up with to celebrate the Black Madonna … a song and dance written and performed by my beloved sister-friend, Soyinka Rahim.

Dancing in Yellow Boots

Greetings! Well, a brand new year has been birthed. How is yours going? Our Christmas called for snow boots! First of all, we were back in church dancing with boot-clad shepherds for our Gospel story. What a delight to gather in full celebration! The next day, the snows descended and I had a chance to trudge about in the winter wonderland and even do some sledding – whee!

Dancing the Call

Blessings of the New Year!   We’ve made it through the darkest night and now the days are gradually lengthening with the returning light.  As much upheaval as we experience in our world, the seasons continue to turn and draw us into their mystery.  And as we follow the liturgical cycles, we read the stories of Jesus’ …