Dancing in Yellow Boots

Greetings! Well, a brand new year has been birthed. How is yours going? Our Christmas called for snow boots! First of all, we were back in church dancing with boot-clad shepherds for our Gospel story. What a delight to gather in full celebration! The next day, the snows descended and I had a chance to trudge about in the winter wonderland and even do some sledding – whee!

Dancing with the Light

Greetings! Blessings of this holy season to you! I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving. Mine was small, but heartfelt! Now we are in the time of lengthening nights and deepening darkness. Are you able to keep your flame alive and hold your candle in the dark? Clearly, our world faces ongoing challenges, and I get tired of keeping vigilant! But at the same time, I know that I have my own unique call, as you do. How is that flame dancing inside of you? How are you called to let it light the way for someone near you, someone far from you?

Dancing into the New Year

Greetings! We made it to the New Year! I hope you have had some gentle times in these holidays/holy days and nights. Such a deep mystery as we move from the longest night to following the star of inspiration and new epiphanies! May your new year bring new possibilities born out of deep darkness!  I …