Dancing the Call

Blessings of the New Year!  

We’ve made it through the darkest night and now the days are gradually lengthening with the returning light.  As much upheaval as we experience in our world, the seasons continue to turn and draw us into their mystery.  And as we follow the liturgical cycles, we read the stories of Jesus’ Baptism and God’s call for him to embrace his purpose on earth, and we reflect on how God calls each of us to our purpose in life.  I love dancing the story of the Call of the Disciples with the youth at my home parish!  “Come follow me, and I will make you fishers of people!”

I wanted to share with you how God has been calling me … Fr. Centurio from Uganda has invited me to come to the archdiocese of Tororo to teach the youth the art and prayer of liturgical movement.  Wow!  What an amazing call … to share faith with children from a dancing culture, and to build bridges through the art and prayer of movement!  I have invited my dear friend ValLimar Jansen and we are making plans for a trip there in May.  Please pray for us!  We are called! 

And back in the Northern hemisphere, as we move to February, it’s almost St. Brigid’s Day!   In Ireland, St. Brigid is the most well-known of the saints (after St. Patrick), and her feast on February 1st is the harbinger of spring, the beginning of the stirrings of new life that begin to poke their noses up from the ground.  As Brigid is the patron saint of midwives and the tender of thresholds, she supports us all in the new births that we are called to embrace. 

St. Brigid is also one of the Celtic Saints featured in our recent DVD publication with Abbey of the Arts.  I’m taking this opportunity once again to share our teaser video … still makes me smile! 

As we close this time, I’d like to share a video of a playful performance piece that I got to offer in the Holy Land at the famous site of Qumran, near the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered!  This story depicts Jesus’ journey to discover his life call … and to be Baptized by John as he embarked on his ministry. 


May you, too, hear the Spirit’s voice nudging you beyond your comfort zone, to dance into your own holy call. 



Betsey Beckman, MM

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