Dancing with Peter Pan

Aaargh and shiver me timbers! It’s been a whole summer since I’ve written to you! And during this season you can see that I had a powerful encounter with Captain Hook! As you may remember, it is part of my family tradition to create video productions with my grandnieces/nephews during our summer stay in Michigan together. This year brought forth the story of Peter Pan! What an amazing adventure to enter this story with 7 of my family little ones from 3-13 years old. Not only that, but seven of our adults also jumped in as pirates, plus a brother as videographer and sister as co-director. Woohoo!

I hope you, too, have had a chance to enter some revelry in the sweet gifts of summer! Please take a look at some of the adventures I have planned for the coming year … it would be so good to share some dancing time with you!

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Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole!


Who are we? Where are we? Have we fallen down the rabbit hole? Our world cries out with fires and floods … our families struggle with finding protocols that allow both connection and safety, we embrace the gifts of summer while bracing for transitions to indoor realities this fall. Can we go ahead with our retreat? Workshop? Funeral? Party? So many questions!

Dancing Through Our Days to Tomorrow!

Greetings! Meet Ms. Hannigan. (Remember her from the story Annie?) She’s had a hard-knock life. And she takes it out on all those kids! She has a certain amount of power, but she’s unsettled and unhappy. She’s stuck in the system, and she abuses the system; she’s lured by money and lies in order to gain more money. Seems these …

Dancing in the Sacred Heart of Summer

Greetings! Sometimes the world seems a bit too challenging to bear. The summer sun in Seattle shines brightly, and yet the underbelly of our society’s weaknesses are exposed with new awareness of racism, sexism, and global pandemic. Each day my heart is longing for simpler days of family, faith and community, while I am asked …

Dancing Into the Divine

Greetings! Well, it’s summer, and now what? How do we dance our way through Coronavirus, racism, protests, Black Lives Matter, staying home, going out, wearing masks, not going to church, limited travel, and living in the unknown ? To top it all off, there have been some recent sexual allegations in my extended church community that have …