Dancing Into Advent


I hope you had a joyous Thanksgiving celebration, finding creative ways to be grateful in our challenging times! This weekend was bittersweet for our little family, as we gathered in our personal “outdoor restaurant” one last time before our 28 year old our son launched himself into a whole new phase of his life on an off-grid property on a mountain side in Idaho. 

Needless to say, my mama’s heart is stretched! The womb and heart that once swelled to contain his new life now needs to release my son to his destiny. Life changes, and presents us with opportunities to let go of the known to make room for new versions of creation. Quite often that involves grieving what we once knew in order to make space for new birth. 

So now we have entered Advent, a time of growing darkness, and an invitation to inner quiet. Perhaps this year we can meditate with Mary on what it takes wait in gestation before bringing new life to birth. Or perhaps we are the Christ child within the womb, wrapped in love, who is awaiting our own new birth! Below you will find a few opportunities to dance through Advent with me, and a few sharings from this past season of giving thanks. I am grateful for you, and send you prayers for angels and midwives to dance by your side!

Witness Talk

Many times in my newsletter I share with you my ministry at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Seattle. It’s been my home base for the past 30 years, and I am so grateful for our creative journey of faith together! We are a small parish, and with the dwindling number of clergy, it is unclear if our parish will survive through Archdiocesan changes in the next few years. Last weekend I was invited to give the Witness Talk on Time, Talent and Treasure for our parish … and I wanted to share with you this reflection on my time at St. Patrick’s (where I often collaborate with longtime musician friends, David and Laura Ash.) In these days of being together from afar, may we cherish and sustain the gift of community, and grow together in love through all our seasons.

Sending you love, my friends! 


Betsey Beckman, MM

PS … Do you want to celebrate online Lessons and Carols (December 16, 7:00 pm PST) or Christmas Eve (at 5:00 pm PST) with our St. Patrick community? I’ll be leading the dance! Let me know and I can send you our Zoom link. Blessings!

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