Dancing with the Dawning Light

Happy New Year! And happy 9th Day of Christmas! As we move towards the feast of Epiphany I love this magical time of light birthed in the darkness, when life slows down and we pause to we enter the new year, reflecting on all that was, and all that is to come.

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Dancing Down the Rabbit Hole!


Who are we? Where are we? Have we fallen down the rabbit hole? Our world cries out with fires and floods … our families struggle with finding protocols that allow both connection and safety, we embrace the gifts of summer while bracing for transitions to indoor realities this fall. Can we go ahead with our retreat? Workshop? Funeral? Party? So many questions!

Dancing Into the Unknown

Greetings! I’m with you in the unknown right now. Listening, watching, lighting candles, breathing, praying for our country, praying for our world. And life goes on. Children wear costumes, we create altars for our ancestors and loved ones who have passed on, and we prepare for holidays in some new stripped down version that honors …