Dancing with Peter Pan

Aaargh and shiver me timbers! It’s been a whole summer since I’ve written to you! And during this season you can see that I had a powerful encounter with Captain Hook! As you may remember, it is part of my family tradition to create video productions with my grandnieces/nephews during our summer stay in Michigan together. This year brought forth the story of Peter Pan! What an amazing adventure to enter this story with 7 of my family little ones from 3-13 years old. Not only that, but seven of our adults also jumped in as pirates, plus a brother as videographer and sister as co-director. Woohoo!

I hope you, too, have had a chance to enter some revelry in the sweet gifts of summer! Please take a look at some of the adventures I have planned for the coming year … it would be so good to share some dancing time with you!

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Reflections on the Dancing Journey

As I sit down to reflect with you now, we are six Sundays through the season of Easter.  What a season of fullness I have been immersed in these past few months!  I’ve been hoping for a window of contemplative time to open – in order to officially inaugurate my new blog, and share with …

Welcome to my new blog!

Thanks for visiting my blog at The Dancing Word. We’re just finishing up the final touches on this brand new site, and more blogs will be found here soon. Thanks for coming and please come back again soon. Until then, you can learn more about who I am here.