Dancing the Journey of Lent


A year has passed and we are still on the Lenten journey! Usually I would be writing to you just now with photos and stories of my trip to LA Congress, and all the swirl of inspiration and activities … but this year all the hubbub happened virtually, and that had its own gifts and challenges. I know you have MANY stories like this from your life! (Scroll down to the bottom for a special treat from this year’s LA Congress!)
Meanwhile, we know that Jesus spent 40 days in the desert … and by the time Lent is over this year, we will have spent 400 days in the COVID desert! But I give thanks that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and meanwhile, we are continuing to find the creative impulse … and to find the angels who are guiding us and ministering to us along the way. 

This year, I’ve had two articles published already! One is in the United Church of Christ Musicians Association Publication – an article entitled Dancing Through the Screen – where you will find my reflections on the joy of creating engaging online embodied worship experiences. And the second is an article in the Sacred Heart Alumnae Association Magazine – reflecting on the 50 year reunion I organized for my 7th grade classmates entitled – Celebrating 50 Years.

I’m so happy to share a wonderful video that we created for the Opening Ceremony for the LA Religious Education Congress featuring many of my dancer and musician friends from across the country. You will see scenes from NYC, LA, DC, St. Louis, Miami … and also my little offerings from Martha Lake, where I live here in the Seattle area. The song is “Caminemos con Jesús”, or “Let Us Walk with Jesus.” Let us walk, and dance through this season with our brother Jesus, and make it through to the new dawning of resurrection! 

With love,


Betsey Beckman, MM

(In this video, also find an Address from Pope Francis at 24:40, and many other dance elements, including “Yours to Take” a beautiful reflection at 56:02. Blessings!)

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